The Fifth of July

I HATE when the fourth of July is over. Summer always seems to speed up afterwards, and before I know it I’ll find myself in September. When I was a little kid summer felt like it lasted a very long time– the days were long and the weeks were even longer, but not so much anymore. Now everything fast forwards by. And this post is another good example why I need to start living in the present more. As you can see, I have a habit of planting myself in the future.IMG_6346

This is my dog Hunter two years ago when he was just a little puppy. My boyfriend and I adopted him from Arkansas. I bring him up because I think dogs can be an incredible companion for anyone who has a trouble living constantly in a state other than the present. Dogs, like other animals, are very good at doing the opposite, and they are also quite good at making people happy. I am skeptical of anyone who has an issue with dogs.


This is the path I took yesterday when I did a 16 mile long run at 8:20 pace. I felt surprisingly good, got up at 6 AM and went before it got too hot (ended up being 90 degrees). I almost wish I went longer because I felt like I could have gone forever painlessly, and those days are sometimes hard to come by. I am just glad that I stuck to my plan and had no knee issues or anything like that. I listened to Tim Ferris’ podcast, which was awesome as usual. Podcasts are the greatest way to fight boredom during long runs.. if you don’t use them then start now.

Lastly, a recipe to leave you with. I love fresh vegetables more than anything during the summertime, and am always looking for new, simple ways to combine them. This is a very basic recipe, but I highly recommend it.



2 tbsp red wine vinegar

2 tbsp high quality olive oil

salt and pepper, to taste

4 medium tomatoes (really any variety- sometimes I combine beefsteak with cherry)

1/2 red onion

1 large cucumber

1/4-1/2 cup crumbled feta cheese

3 tbsp fresh basil


Slice the tomatoes into wedges, the cucumber into thin slices, and chop up the red onion. Combine all in a large bowl. Add in the vinegar, olive oil, basil, and feta. Toss together and add salt and pepper to taste. Let sit in the refrigerator to marinate for an hour if possible.





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