Obligation or enjoyment?

I wonder when anyone will start reading this blog. It’s like my own personal journal at this point. I was thinking today about how to decipher when one is doing things for their enjoyment or because they feel like they have to. I have a friend who has trouble reading fiction for this very reason. He cannot enjoy it because he feels like he is not “learning” anything, despite the fact that there is quite a lot to be learned by reading fiction. And so this becomes the barrier to all the books and ideas and characters and worlds he could be stepping into. My other question would be to people such as this is what they do that is so valuable in the time they choose not to read. If leisurely time that could potentially be spent reading is spent otherwise, I would argue it is most likely when they watch TV or go online or do other somewhat aimless activities.

Compulsive behaviors that have no enjoyment can be a bad thing, or they can be a good thing. For example, some people run because they feel a compulsion that they have to and they are ridden with guilt if they don’t. I would argue this is overall negative. BUT some people might never do any physical activity because they claim it is not enjoyable, and this is also bad. There is a balance to be found.

It can be helpful to think through the way you spend your hours, days, weeks, etc. and question what you actually like anymore and what is on autopilot. Or what bad habits are justified based on the fact that you don’t “like” the alternative.

And here is a picture of my fiction phobic friend on the back of a DR.



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