Travel Locally: Adventure is a state of mind


A picture from Mt. Lafayette in New Hampshire. Hiking is a great way to get away for a day and feel like you actually accomplished something or saw something new. And it requires earning the view, which is the best part. I swear any experience is significantly better when there is some work involved. When I hiked Mount Washington last year, it was hard to enjoy the parking lot at the top, with a restaurant and people who drove with a bumped sticker that read “This car climbed Mount Washington”. Whenever I drive through a beautiful place, I feel very detached from it, kind of like I’m looking at a photograph, compared to the times I have been able to immerse myself in it through an activity.

This brings me to my next point. It is a HUGE mistake to fall into the trap of thinking you need to go somewhere far away to have an adventure or a vacation. It is very possible to do it close to home. This past weekend I went paddleboarding on parts of the Charles River, which runs about 80 miles long, and saw portions of it I had no idea existed. It felt like an entirely new place in a different state, and it was a fulfilling day trip that ended with a good dinner around 9 PM. Sometimes going far away it worse and more expensive when you can drive one to two hours somewhere and have just as much fun. It really is a mindset and an attitude to get creative and look at your surroundings to determine what you can do that you have not done before. It’s easy to dismiss one’s immediate surroundings, but it’s a mistake to do so.


In the next few posts I’ll give some day trip/local adventure ideas.


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