Ride Your Bike

I am sure most of you grew up riding a bike in some form or another. Maybe it was a means of transportation to a friend’s house or to school or just for fun. And then somewhere along the line, between working long hours and commuting on congested highways, your bike ended up in the back of some garage. Never to be seen again.

Well, I’m here to tell you to get it back out if you’re one of those people. In college I came across a LOT of other cyclists who knew that it was the most efficient way to get around the city, but the suburbs are another story. I see people ride their bikes for exercise occasionally, but that’s it. IMG_0056

This is a group of myself and some friends in Martha’s Vineyard, outside the hostel we stay in when we go on a bike trip there. This year it will be Nantucket, but biking as a means of travel and exploration is AWESOME. You see so much more than you would ever notice while in a car. It’s a cheap trip between the hostel and the biking, and there’s no waiting in long lines of cars or parking to worry about. But– you do need a solid bike to enjoy the ride. Meaning, one that fits you appropriately and is suited for the landscape you’ll be traveling on. I’m going to have my boyfriend or my brother do a guest post about this soon, because he knows bikes very well. Here’s another picture of eating food after biking to dinner, and food of course tastes much better this way.


I am horrible at taking pictures and have no photos to show for my most enjoyable bike trip from Plymouth, MA to New York City — completed in 24 hours. I saw SO much of Rhode Island, New York and Long Island that I’d never been through before. It was tiring but when I got home after a night in the city I felt extremely satisfied .. like I’d finally accomplished and done something new. You do NOT have to go far to do these types of things, and they make life a lot better.


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